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Solution Ready Package

Industrial IoT Solution-Ready Packages

Driving the digital transformation from edge intelligence to cloud platforms

The Smartest Way to Realize the Potential of Industrial IoT

By deploying cloud-enabled and edge device management solutions for Industrial IoT infrastructure, Advantech is driving the evolution of factories, energy and environmental management, and intelligent machine vertical markets through our Solution-Ready Packages.

Our Awesome Core Technologies


A unified industrial IoT open cloud platform that delivers value for applications across an array of industries by connecting devices, machines, systems, or factories to help you realize your industrial digital transformations more easily than ever.


By bringing data from field sites to the cloud, WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink software optimizes field equipment monitoring and management for optimized operations and maintenance.


Driving the transformation from traditional data acquisition and monitoring to software platforms for IoT applications, including edge computing, connectivity, and edge sensing.

Industrial Cloud-Enabled Solution Offerings


Designed for Smart Factory and IoT Application

Energy and Environment

Accelerating Cloud-enabled IoT and Smart City Applications

Machine to Intelligence

Designed to Enhance Intelligent Machine Monitoring and Management

Edge Intelligence Solution Offerings

  • Data Collector

  • Controller

  • Visualizer

  • Analyzer

  • Networking

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Energy and Environment